How to Get Waylaid With an Argus Seventy Five

Taking photos of goodies to sell on eBay is surprisingly hard, even for a trained photographer. It's almost impossible to get those blown-out white backgrounds, especially without annoying colour casts, when you don't have thousands of dollars of expensive studio equipment.

What's more, it's boring ... eBay shoppers don't trust creative product photography, as I discovered when I surrounded some equestrian gear with tiny model horses and fences!

The problem, however, is that I'm buying another horse and selling vintage wares and collectibles online is how I fund my four-legged habit. I spent most of Sunday taking photos and got completely side-tracked with this '70s pair of Oroton glasses.

Okay, so I haven't listed them yet ... but the TtV version is completely cool!

Then I noticed how the image reflected in the top lens of my sweet little Argus Seventy Five. How cute is this ... like peeping through a photographic port hole!


The Didgeridoo Man

I drive past this converted, but now empty, service station every day and every time say, "I need to photograph that." Well finally, after three and a half years, I did. To think it's only a kilometre from my house!


Sketch N Draw on the Motorola Xoom Tablet

Abhishek Kumar's Sketch N Draw application for android is extremely clever, even the free version. It's so much fun and all too easy to grab a few nic-nacs from around the house and get drawing  I love how organic using my finger as a pencil feels.

My only frustration is the lack of image resolution and, thus, print size. Even though my tablet is capable of far more, the application determines the file size ... I'm not sure if the developer is aiming this application at people who only wish to doodle or post to online social media, or doesn't understand the quality artists and designers require. Of course, the paid version may be different ... I'll have to  download it.