Artist Statement

Kathleen Fisher was born in a town she never lived in, a small community in Western Australia’s wheatbelt. This may explain her fascination with both notions of home and rural life. She is also attracted to religion — notably Christianity, with its stories, icons and architecture — and history, including the ravages time has on buildings and human emotions.

Kathleen sees photography as a way of “making” images, rather than capturing “reality”. As such, she enjoys experimenting with plastic cameras, photomontage, mixed media and using a scanner as a substitute camera. She is drawn to techniques that foreground the photographic process, such as altered photographs, overlapped images and visible sprocket holes.

An analytical person, Kathleen’s work is usually narrative. She enjoys using juxtaposition, irony and humour to reveal her distinct interpretations. At the same time, she embraces accidents and co-incidents, which so often make the best images.

Kathleen has a Bachelor of Arts (English) (Honours) from Curtin University of Technology and a Graduate Certificate of Communications (Photomedia) from Edith Cowan University. She taught media and communications at Edith Cowan University for two years, and has written feature articles about art for a number of publications.