Gemma at Two

This is my gorgeous niece, Gemma, in April 2006. At two years and three months, she already knew exactly what to do in front of the camera, and, like many children, wanted a toy included. Barney, a purple and green dinosaur, is her favourite. Too young to know that most names are gender-specific, she thinks Barney is a girl. During role-play, Gemma pretends to be Kerriann, her mother and my sister, while Barney is a little girl who gets plenty of telling off!

Contrary to appearances, these images aren't posed. In fact, they were taken during and just after bath time.


Anonymous said...

These photos are so beautiful, Kathleen. Thanks for sharing them!

Luke said...

Ye olde 50mm me thinks.

Luke said...

Oh BTW, great (available?) lighting.