The Mill and the Floor

The Harden-Murrumburrah flour mill was built in 1865, a time when crops were sewn by hand and cut with a scythe, and grain threshed on the ground. Back then, its produce was an essential part of the Australian diet, a simple and surely survey-friendly mix of bread, corned meat, split peas and the odd drip of treacle.

Those days, of course, are gone and the mill has been shoved into the modern world of real estate development. It’s currently for sale for $995,000 and is being marketed, among other things, as a potential retirement village or shopping centre.

This shot was taken in-camera with my crazy PIX Panorama. The overlapped images create an unusual montage, unrelated apart from colour. The tiles on the left are the entrance to a shop further up Albury St — they remind me of rusted honeycomb.

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