Three Golden Onions

From fighting cancer to keeping your car windscreen frost-free on a chilly night, onions have many useful properties apart from their tangy flavour. I personally haven’t eaten one for three years, thanks to a newly-developed sensitive stomach, but I can see why the ancient Egyptians worshipped them — just look at these smooth, glowing skins.

I took this shot at my aunt’s house in 2003 as winter’s low afternoon light punched through the windows. You’d never guess it was taken in a lounge room against a humble cotton scarf and wooden storage box.

I used my Pentax K1000, a 50mm lens and close-up filter, with the addition of an 81B filter to create the rich and nostalgic warmth. In keeping with my habit of getting negatives processed and not printed, I’ve only just scanned and touched-up the image.

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