Civic Minded

I went into Civic (Canberra's CBD) yesterday with my fellow Old Spool Betties Kerry Baylor and Susan Stayer. We learned the hard way that starting a photographic field trip with an ale and hearty lunch at the Wig and Pen, a very fine micro-brewery, is probably more conducive to an afternoon nap, but dragged ourselves down a few alleyways in search of patterns and graffiti.

I wouldn't normally have photographed this subject but, as this little series shows, there's a lot more to the back corners of a city than smelly pigeons and empty milk crates!


Kerry B said...

well done Kathleen,you have found some wonderful images in those lanes.

Kathleen Fisher said...

I wouldn't have found them without you! I'll be curious to compare mine with what you and Susan shot.

Susan S. said...

These four make a really nice grouping, Kathleen. You might be onto something here for HIY.