Three 1950s Hotel Toilets

At lunch last week, Robert Burne, my fellow member of the Old Spool Betties, commented on his distaste for photographs of toilets. Little did he know I was working on three such shots, which I took at my local, the Club House Hotel!

So these are for you, Bob. I hope you enjoy the delicious egg-yolk yellow and fairy floss pink — these 1950s colours alone justify the photographs, even though they do belie the function of these indispensable items of furniture!

Don't worry ... I did take photographs of other things. I bet you can't wait to see the wash basins and ironing boards.


Kerry B said...

luv em luv em luv em.
they are just so pretty!!

Kirralee said...

Coolness - they look great! Mmm, not sure I'd be wanting to use their functionality though...