Stunned Mother

There are times when a girl must disobey the rules, especially when those who make them are ill-informed!

Signs in every room of the Batemans Bay Historical Society Museum may declare cameras are banned for copyright reasons, but I know the law a little better than that. First, displays of historic objects are not subject to copyright and, second, photography is allowed in any public space in Australia.

So I felt quite justified, although a snippet guilty, when I snuck my point 'n' shoot digital camera into the museum's wonderful "maternity ward". Tucked up in a real wrought-iron hospital bed, this mannequin looks absolutely stunned by motherhood ... but so would I if I'd just given birth to a plastic doll! Don't you just love her fully made-up face just hours after labour?

I usually prefer film, but this was one moment I was super pleased with the smooth, silent shutter of my compact Kodak EasyShare C310.

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Kerriann said...

Is she stunned or just oddly cross-eyed?