Ram Man

I am married to a very patient man. Each October, we have a "fun" outing for World Toy Camera Day — I prance around turning ideas I've brainstormed during the week before into realities, while he lugs a bag full of plastic cameras. This year, I even coerced him to model; I found this filthy, disgusting ram's skull by the side of the road, and it was apparently very heavy.

Justin did get a reward, however. As soon as our shoot was over, he packed his bags for a road trip and weekend at the races with his friend, Chris.

Perhaps next year we should have a day for those poor souls — partners, children and gullible friends — who support toy camera nuts!

A couple of set-dressing details ... the background is my favourite latte-coloured sheet, pegged to the clothesline. Do you think I could get a job as a stylist?


Anonymous said...

fabulous Kathleen!!
i hoped you kept the skull,it is so cool!!
Kerry B

Kathleen Fisher said...

Thanks! No, Justin made me throw the skull back where I found it ... bits were falling off. Not pretty.

Nerida Gill said...

When I first looked at the photo I thought he'd somehow put it ON his head LOL.

Kathleen Fisher said...

Believe me, if this was a possibility I would have made him! The crazy things I make him do and he still loves me. Go figure!