Hand Out

This image seems appropriate the night before the High Court of Australia decides whether the latest cash hand-out to single-income families in our federal government’s stimulus package is constitutional.

Of the country’s 21 million people, Bryan Pape, a senior lecturer at the University of New England, appears to be the only person who finds the government’s plan to give tax payers a few dollars distasteful enough to create a serious stir. He has taken the issue to the utmost court in Australia, even though, according to news reports, the government will find an alternative way to distribute the payments if the action is successful — they will simply take a little longer than anticipated to reach our pockets.

I’m curious — is Mr Pape trying to prove a point, looking for a little notoriety or just plain annoyed that he earns too much money to receive what he refers to as a “gift”?

Whatever his reason, I’m guessing Mr Pape is currently the most unpopular person in Australia … along with everyone else who is eligible, I’m looking forward to my payment!

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KERRIANN said...

This is a very arresting image, Kathleen! I love the way lines in the brick wall draw our gaze from the mannequin's oustretched hand to her face. Although lifeless, she seems to demand something from us, a feeling heightened by her nudity. A powerful statement on govt hand-outs indeed.