My Brother-in-Law's Wedding

Who says toy cameras can't be used to photograph weddings?

I'm in love with the unconventional idea of using plastic for documentary purposes, so made sure I had a stash in a rather big bag at my brother-in-law's marriage to the delightful Kirrily in March last year.

It was a day of sunshine, champagne and smoked salmon — plus tiers of cupcakes covered in thick icing and lollies. There was even a bouncy castle and someone swirling fairy floss onto sticks.

Sigh ... my inner child was in happy land!


Susan S. said...

What a perfect wedding! Like a day at the fair!

I love the use of toy cameras to shoot weddings. They're so much more interesting than the standard wedding images you see everywhere.

Kirralee said...

These are beautiful photos. Nice to see their wedding too! I especially like the top one with the patches of light coming across the cupcakes.