Now that I've finally tried TtV, I've gone a bit mad photographing still-life using this technique. The only suitable medium format camera I have is a Mamiya C330 and, while it's a superb camera, it has a very visible focussing circle smack, bang in the middle of the ground glass. So I'm looking for ways to use what would seem like an impediment to creative effect. In the pictures above, it becomes a monocle (I just love dolls that look creepy and supernatural!) ... I'm also working on some other pictures where it becomes a ball and the moon. 


kerry said...

fantastic Kathleen, what a wonderful(and kreepy effect).

Susan S. said...

What a great way to put the circle to work in an image! I kind of like seeing the circles and lines from the glass in TTV photos. I think it gives them a more interesting and authentic feel.

Otto K. said...

terrific, love the effect.