Holga and Hayley

My friend Hayley threw her wedding dress on again a few months ago and we went for a romp around a local farm, Holga in hand. Toy cameras are in vogue for wedding photography, of course ... and the broken down ute and old sheds simply add to the charm.

"I work my models pretty hard," I told Hayley. It was her first time posing for me, so I don't think she took my warning too seriously — until she spent the next day soaking her feet in warm water and bicarb soda, that is!

Okay, that's a fib ... I didn't make her feet ache, but I did "encourage" her to climb all over bits of vintage garden furniture and other cobweb-covered stuff. Fortunately, she trusted me because we got some great shots.

Of course, it helps that Hayley is gorgeous — black hair, green eyes, rosie skin ... bla, bla, bla.

Mental note to self: keep making friends with attractive people.

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