While a honeymoon can be many things, I'm quite certain few would think it an opportunity to trek through a third world country for the sake of photojournalism.

What can I say? I am very fortunate to have a husband who is always willing to lug around a backpack of heavy camera gear, even in Tonga's sweaty, tropical conditions all in the name of true love.

Pumpkins and Shells, Vava'u

I shot the still-life above at the market on the nothern island of Vava'u. It was the crack of dawn, but we had been wide awake for hours, thanks to the venue being located immediately under our bedroom window at the Adventure Backpackers Lodge — we heard every handbrake and stage whisper as the vendors unloaded trucks of pumpkins, watermelons and bananas.

E'ua 1

The boys warily eating icypoles and chips were on E'ua, Tonga's largest, yet least developed, island. Here, little kids break into giggles at the sight of tourists and traditional tapa (painted bark cloth) makers are readily found.

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