Bruised and Battered

Don't fear — the above portraits are well and truly FAKE!

Our friend Joanna is a medical student and asked guests to come to her 18th birthday party in need of treatment. After watching a couple of stage make-up tutorials on Youtube, I grabbed some food-colouring, eye-shadow and lipstick, and dragged Justin into the bathroom for a make-over.
We emerged looking like victims of domestic violence, and toddled off to the party to discover ... hardly anyone else had dressed up!

The birthday girl, however, squealed with delight when she saw us and I spent the whole night explaining over and over again how I created our looks.

It was too good not to document, of course, so I did the Nan Goldin thing, using lots of hard flash and bland poses to make the pics look like trashy happy snaps (or "not-so-happy" snaps, in this case).

The blood and bruises disappeared super quick when we got home (thank goodness for wet wipes) — red food-colouring in your mouth and up your nose isn't the most comfortable thing!

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