Angels and Tears

I normally adore museums of any kind, but I must confess watching three fighter planes for an entire day at the Temora Aviation Museum's "Pacific theatre" showcase last year wore a little thin not long after lunch. So while Justin and our friend JB clucked over propellers and the shark's teeth paint job on the nose of the Spitfire, I ducked off to explore the rest of Temora.

Naturally, I ended up at the local cemetery, which I know most people would find far more boring than a display of WWII mean machines. I'm just a sucker for the monuments we make to our dead it's the first time I've seen a crying child figure, such a touching headstone. In contrast, the child-like angel is very common ... this one is particularly serene, and I love the red and gold light leak that follows the curve of the monument next to it.  That's a lovely trait of my Olympus Pen EE-2 ... the last shot of every roll is usually stained this way and, of course, that last shot is always your favourite!



Susan Stayer said...

I love these! The soft cross in the bottom left of the first image really makes it for me. And I like how the stain happens consistently on the last frame of every roll.

I met a woman recently who thought it was terrible to photograph in cemeteries. Not because she thought it was disrespectful, but because she thought it would bring the photographer bad luck.

Hadn't heard THAT before.

kerry said...

beautiful Kathleen