Making Art with a Motorola Xoom

Would you like a Motorola Xoom for your birthday?

I was begging for any kind of tablet in my last post and one of Justin's friends just happened to have a latest model, barely used one sitting on his shelf at home. I guess a guy can have too many gadgets ... who'd a thunk it!

I'm having just so much fun playing around with its artistic possibilities. In fact, this is the theme of my contribution to this year's Project: Art Journal at made. Creative Space in Toowoomba. Yes, this hot exhibition is on again ... fingers crossed it continues to be an annual event because it really gets me exploring new territory.

Another birthday surprise ... my sister Kirralee came out from Scotland for a week of art, gallery hopping and eating way too much lemon cheesecake (Kraft Philadelphia's recipe is THE best, especially with the addition of a passionfruit jelly glaze). We needed a still life one night so, in a sudden mad frenzy, I pulled two heads of broccoli out of the fridge!

It's amazing what you can do with the camera on a tablet and an android application (Pixlr-o-matic), plus a few Photoshop layers. I love the photocopy look and, indeed, do literally plan to make photocopies and make image transfers.

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