Pill-Popping in the Name of Art

Sometimes I try to be a little too clever for my own good and these images are probably an example!

As you know from my last couple of posts, I experimented with my Motorola Xoom tablet as an art tool for made. Creative Space's upcoming group show of artists' journals. Well, the name "tablet" had me intrigued ... it has strong health and medical connotations, so I created a few images based around the idea of pills.

As you can see below, I toyed with the idea of "pill-popping", first, with a stream of pills going into a mouth and, second, a rather left-field interpretation ... Pac-Man chomping his way through a maze of pac-dots.

I only thought to Google how the tablet, as in the technology, got it's name afterwards. Well, it turns out to having nothing to do with my assumption at all! These revolutionary little devices were named after writing tablets, also known as slates, a writing tradition that is as old as the 10 Commandments on Moses’ stone tablets and, more commonly, remind many of their early school days!

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