Dance on the Wind

Composer, conductor, teacher and performer — Judith Clingan AM is almost too talented for her own good. In 2005, she contributed Dance on the Wind to the Bloom Music Festival, a musical event that runs alongside Floriade, the biggest flower festival in the southern hemisphere, held in Canberra each year.

Dance on the Wind was a family event, in which choirs and orchestras celebrated life through music ranging from mediaeval and Renaissance to African and Australian. The resonant chime of the handbell choir, using hand-cast instruments, was a highlight for me, as were three children in costumes to represent the sun, moon and stars.


Luke said...

Great shots, excellent scans, so much tone! I should probably upgrade to a better version of scanning software.

Kathleen said...

Thanks. I really appreciate your comment because theatre shots can sometimes be depressing. The action and costumes are usually great, but the lighting is often anything but. I push HP5 one-stop so I can expose using available light, but the result is always harsher and more grainy than I want!