A Ghastly Passion

I have a ghastly passion — cemeteries. I’m fascinated by the way we create monuments to our dead, so can’t resist a stroll past crosses, doves and cherubs in the purest white.

My camera, of course, is always at hand. Taken at the Catholic entrance to the Yass cemetery, I love the visual texture in this image — from the hodge-podge of dead leaves on the ground to the lichen-covered diagonals of the bench, which lead the eye to a background of vertical headstones.

Naturally, this image is the final frame on my roll of film. Have you ever noticed your favourite shots are so often your last? It’s almost as if fate pulls our creativity out just in the nick of time.


L said...

Yep, totally, it always happens on the last frame, esp. when you're in a fast paced situation or have used up all your rolls of film.

And unlike digital where you can just erase some unwanted shots to free up some card space, it's a finality of film makes every shot count.

Kirralee said...

The use of angles in this picture is cool. Totally leads the eye naturally from the left corner to the right corner. Also like your picture of the child with the axe (think its an axe). PS also seems to be a hot guy in the background of your photo in the concert series. Happen to know him?? ;-)