Photographers Are Meant to Rise Early

It’s a rare morning that I see Justin before he leaves for work. I’m a late riser, albeit one who is torn between the guilt of “wasting” precious hours and the joy of always getting enough sleep, of never having sore, puffy eyes. Sometimes I beg the night before to be woken early, which usually elicits a gentle response — a cup of tea on my bedside table, which invariably has to be revived in the microwave when I finally get up. Occasionally, and more effectively, I’m hounded out of bed, such as on this day in mid-August. We rose at dawn and I took this shot of Justin at sunrise. Note the work “uniform” staples — the security pass on the hip and thermos of (definitely hot) coffee in hand.


Kerriann said...

Is that a goatee/other species of beard I see on Justin? Wow, he looks quite different. Lovely photo, by the way :)

Kathleen said...

It's a beard. Justin is rather fond of the cropped beard look these days. I do believe that a new version of the goatee is coming into fashion -- a moustache, hair under the bottom lip and the smallest snatch of hair on the chin ... none of which are joined together.

Kirralee said...

this is a nice photo kathleen. i like it. justin having a beard may be a good thing, i keep spinning out each time i see julian because of the similarity.