A Glimpse Into My Garden

I’m going crazy posting pictures this month, but these are especially for my mum, who gave me my first digital camera about a month ago. It’s a Kodak EasyShare C310, a very basic palm-sized camera with a 35mm lens. Like most happy-snap models, it’s not too good on the close-up focus, so I held my Hoya +1 magnifying filter in front of the lens.

I’m really happy with the results, not just the lovely sharp eyes, but also the ease with which I captured great shots of my pets looking straight into the camera. A snippet of de-saturation in Photoshop adds a touch of romance and poignancy.

So let me introduce these guys. Ruby is my “little girl”, an eight-month old Kelpie (Australian sheep dog) who is obsessed with that yellow squeaky ball. Otto is a “mummy’s boy” — for 14 years, he has sat on my knee as I’ve written articles. The hippo sits in a bed of miniature roses. These were withered sticks when we bought our house last December, so I’m incredibly proud to have nurtured these healthy blooms.

I love you lots mum.


Kerriann said...

Love the photos of Ruby & Otto, especially the way you caught Ruby in a playful moment. Otto is looking surprisingly grown-up these days - has he become a wise old cat after all?

Kathleen said...

I'd have to say he's crabby and demanding, rather than wise. Old age makes him think he can do whatever he wants!

Susan S. said...

I love the portraits of Ruby and Otto. And congrats on the roses. they look good!