A Waste Bin of Flowers

I’m a sucker for words in photographs, so this bin in the alley behind Galutzi Café in Yass was always going to catch my eye. I wish I could say there is some profound meaning in this shot, but it’s purely ornamental — the bold blue makes a perfect contrast with the sunny yellow flowers I found by the café’s back door. Having said this, I do love the juxtaposition of the living, star-like flowers falling into a container for refuse.

I took this image on this year’s World Toy Camera Day (20 October). I was sick and couldn’t go on a planned photographic outing with a group of fellow plastic camera nuts, so forced myself to spend an hour shooting downtown instead. I’m rather proud of myself for finding inspiration in a local alley!

For technical fans, this shot was taken on a cheap roll of ISO 400 35mm Fuji Superia, adapted to fit my Truview (Diana clone). The overlapped panorama was created by only partially winding the film on … there’s normally about one full turn of the film advance button between shots, but I turned it only three-quarters of the way. It’s a fun technique.

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Susan S. said...

This turned out really well! I love the blue and the yellow.