Beauties and the Beast

Okay, so it’s a bit unfair to call professional drag racer Brett Stevens a beast. But one has to admit he looks like he’s swallowed a fire-breathing dragon or at least a rainbow in this shot. He judged the 2005 Miss Summernats Beauty Contest at the 18th Summernats Car Festival, held each January in Canberra. I must confess that I had absolutely no idea about this man they call “The Boss” until I photographed him, including the fact that he heads the largest motorsport team in Australia. But we do have one thing in common: the amount of cameras I own almost matches his collection of world and national records.

The second shot shows the winning contestants: (from left to right) Rachael Eve (third); Tanya Lazarou (first); and Corrie Lee (second). I love the perfect, yet totally accidental placement of the sprocket holes, red lines and yellow lettering across their faces and thighs.


Nerida Gill said...

Are you telling me you went to Summernats! :-)

Kathleen Fisher said...

Surely did and I loved every minute of it! People was surprisinly courteous, although no-one with a media pass (like me) was allowed to take pictures after 4pm.

Kirralee said...

cool shots. for some reason the top one makes me thinks of flames. must be all the orange!