Crochet: Got You Covered

I know, it's hardly the usual thing I post, but I'm so proud to have crocheted my first beaded milk jug and sugar bowl covers, not to mention followed my first crochet patterns (considering all those abbreviations, that's no mean feat!).

After days of fruitless Googling, I got so frustrated with finding only two patterns — which were too difficult for a beginner anyway — that I took my friend Deb's advice and adapted and added glass pony beads to two simple doily patterns.

I do love hand-worked items from my grand mother's era, but patterns for "old-fashioned" items are so hard to come by. It seems they reside mostly now in little old ladies' heads, which makes their longevity fragile. For this reason, I've started scouring op-shops for tea cosy, slipper and bed jacket patterns. As a bonus, the hand-coloured photography in these is simply delightful.

Let me say a special "thank you" to Deb, who has been my wonderful crochet teacher for the last six-months. I should probably add that Rose Pirrone designed the original patterns I used, which featured in issue 62 of Hooked on Crochet magazine, published in 1997.


nooooolsotherhalf said...

Your friend Deb here. Thankyou for your thankyou! I would like to point out to your readers that I only taught you three stitches, plus an assembling technique. Pattern conversions, crochet with beads and general creative genius are all your doing!! Besides, it was all a plot to get you to come over and share the three C's with me (Coffee, Chocolate and a Chat)!

Another Kathy Fisher said...

This is what I get for googling myself. ;)

I just wanted to say that I've been learning to crochet as well. I just found out that my niece is expecting so I'm attempting to make her a baby blanket. I just hope that my attempts end up as nice as yours.

Kathleen Fisher said...

Thanks guys. It's such a fun and easy craft and I love that you can crochet something useful in less than a day. A hat is my next project.

Hey Kathy, we've all Googled ourselves, haven't we? There's a well-known garden writer with our name too, plus a scientist who publishes lots of papers. I hope you found something on the "real" you as well!

Kerriann said...

These look so adorable! Are you going to use them when you have tea in the garden?

Kathleen Fisher said...

I actually made these as a wedding gift to go with a bone china milk jug and sugar bowl. I definitely want to make some for myself, though.