The Italian Chef

I often say how much I love accidents in photography, and here's another example.

I found this robust little chef on the main street of Young, a town about 110 kilometres from here and better known for its cherries than restaurants. By co-incidence, the emulsion on the left of the image mimics the Italian flag — I must confess that I did brighten and whiten the middle stripe to highlight the effect.

Despite the chef's looks, I don't know if the restaurant actually is Italian. While the omelette on the blackboard is obviously French, most nondescript places to eat in Australia rely on Italian flavours.


Kathleen said...

Kathleen Fisher,
I love your site -- your photography and some similarities we share; love of crochet, blue and white china, animals, christianity, and our name!
It was fun to google my name and find someone is Australia ...
Kathleen Fisher, Seattle, WA USA

Kathleen Fisher said...

How cool, Kathleen ... last time I opened a bank account, there were only six other people with that bank in Australia with our name! We're rare, so need to stick together.