Fresh and Tangy Crochet Scarf


I've crocheted my first scarf and learned a lot in doing so, mostly because I made up my own pattern. A fairly simple task, yes, but it provided some challenges to a crochet newbie whose projects to date only include a granny square afghan and two milk jug covers.

A friend described my colour choices as "creative", but I think the persimmon, amethyst and green-yellow are ultra fresh and tangy. Besides, they're my sister-in-law's favourite colours and the scarf is for her.

Do you like my fancy colour names? I've become addicted to Wikipedia's List of Colors, which is a particularly elegant tool when I list vintage scarves on eBay.


Kerriann said...

Beautiful. Which sister-in-law is the lucky recipient?

Kathleen Fisher said...

You like it? It's for Kirrily, although she doesn't know it yet!

Kathleen said...

beautiful colors! i have ladies at church making afghans (knit & crochet rectangles that we put together) for our kids graduating from high school ... we use lots of 'tangy' colors :) they are quite hip right now ... good color choices -- kf/seattle

Nerida Gill said...

Nice Kathleen.Love the tassles! :-)

Kirralee said...

scarf is gorgeous! and now i know that my blankie is called an afghan. ps birthday pressie in the mail