The Village Pony

I photographed this sweet rocking horse in the yard of an antique store in Bungendore, a nearby town. I must confess this was one of my early experiments with my then new Truview (Diana clone) in 2004 — yes, that's how long it takes me to process and scan my negatives!

I usually develop film within a year of shooting — just the negatives because it's cheaper and saves storing endless, often out-take, prints. They then languish in files until I have time to play with them in Photoshop. I used to think my older photography pals were a little strange for having a few years worth of film sitting around waiting to be processed, but now I realise photography's time-consuming nature makes this perfectly normal.

I've just done a quick count and I have 37 rolls of film waiting to either go to the lab or be processed at home!

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