Yass Rodeo: Bear, Bull and Tags

Here are some more images from the Yass Rodeo and Yass Ute Muster, both held on 10 November 2007. Six months have passed since I last posted shots from this day here ... okay, so I either work very slowly or have been side-tracked!

The top and bottom close-ups are rather self-explanatory — most of us recognise the back of a ute and a fancy belt buckle. The middle one, however, might need a little clarification.

Under Australian law, livestock wear ear tags that show the property on which they were born and their year of birth. In fact, specific colours represent particular years of birth across the country ... for instance, sheep born this year will have a black tag. The big tags shaped like paddles are actually for cows, while the elongated rectangles around the hat band are for sheep. If you look closely, you'll see these have been adapted as mementos of special events. Instead of property IDs and stock numbers, they tell of festivals and friends' birthdays.

This is the first time I've seen this done. Isn't it neat?


Kerriann said...

How did you get so close to that guy's crotch without Justin punching him (or did that happen later)? Not that I'm looking for pointers or anything. *laughs*

Kirralee said...

Cool tags on the hat. I was telling someone the other day about you being a photographer and they asked what you liked to take photos of. Funnily enough the first thing I said was utes & outback. What you posted sometime ago must've have been good and different because it stuck in my mind :). In case she asks again, what do you love to take photos of the most?

Kathleen Fisher said...

Kerriann, you've just made me realise what it must have looked like to other rodeo attendees!! The guy is our friend Dave and he's very used to me taking pictures. In fact, Becky, his wife, and Justin were standing right next to us. Dave had just taught us to crack a whip.

Kirralee, you're right that I like taking pictures of country life. However, you probably don't want to mention that mannequins, cemeteries, mail boxes and derelict buildings are other favourite topics -- you might not have friends any more!

Susan S. said...

I love these three images. The hat with the tags is terrific. Such a clever idea.

These little tidbits of information make Australia so interesting to me.