Business Plan to Succeed

Life’s tough when you’re a business whiz ... just ask my friend Nerida!

Her company, Admin Bandit, won yet another award on Wednesday night, this time the Business Plan Award at Canberra BusinessPoint’s inaugural Awards and Gala night. This may be her fourth award in two years, but it’s the most important to me because I helped write the application. We put together ten thousand plus words back in April, but the result was worth the sleepy eyes and sore typing fingers.

Admin Bandit is the creator of an accounting software package designed specifically for volunteer treasurers in community and non-profit groups.

Here’s to volunteer treasurers….

Nerida and husband Shane looking wholesome and award-worthy.

While Nerida does the networking schmooze at the awards cocktail party, Shane and my husband Justin get "caught out" hiding in a corner and quaffing beer!


Admin Bandit said...

I like it. Thanks again for your excellent help with the writing.

Kerry B said...

Nerida and Shane are both well known for there quaffing!!