An Easy Way to Promote Your Art

Alyson B Stanfield of ArtBizCoach has used one of my many mannequin photographs in her 9 June Art Marketing Action newsletter!

The image appropriately illustrates part two of her feature article, "Start Promoting Your Exhibit Now" — most of her 22 comprehensive tips won't cost you a single cent to put into action!

"Pitch to other bloggers" is one of Alyson's tips, and it fits perfectly with how she came to use my photograph in the first place. Earlier this year, I noticed she uses works by various artists to illustrate her wonderfully informative website and blog, so I touched base to offer free use of mine, anytime.

What an easy way for more people to see my work.

You can also see the photograph in question at my post, Mannequin's and Men's Toilets.

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