Don't Knock Photo Booths

After five years of forced abstinence, we visited Ikea in Sydney on the weekend ... and not just once, but on both days of our trip. We jumped into a photo booth outside the front door on a whim at the end of our final shopping spree and this is the result — not bad, especially considering it has been blown up to six times its original size. Of course, a little bit of adjusting levels and converting the image to black-and-white in Photoshop helps.

I'm left with two questions now:

  1. Is this toy camera photography (it's definitely low-fi and DIY)?
  2. Why doesn't Ikea open a store in Canberra?

Special thanks to Daz, my brother-in-law, for chauffeuring us around and carrying shopping bags full of dinner sets, vases, lamps and other goodies!


Nerida Gill said...

Nice! Like your haircut too! When did you have that done?

Kerriann said...

Your new haircut looks fantastic! Makes your eyes look huge and Twiggy-like. What inspired you to make the change?

Are you wearing those bird earrings I gave you for your birthday?

Kathleen Fisher said...

The haircut happened a few weeks ago because long hair was driving me crazy ... it now takes seconds to wash and blowdry!

Yes Kerriann, those are the ear-rings you gave me. Today I'm wearing the pink ones you gave me for Christmas.