Miss Power Wheels

Why is this mannequin wearing a tyre on her head? I'm not sure if she's donning a novel hat for the races or has entered a beauty pageant sponsored by a tyre company!

Anyway, this is how I found her, doing her balancing act in the corner of a junk shop in Mogo, that sweet New South Wales holiday town I've mentioned now in a couple of posts. The tyre sure must be heavy — her head has literally slipped an inch off her neck!

Well, it seems that you're getting all my holiday snaps lately. Those of you who have read my last few posts will realise it has been a very long time (32 years, in fact), since my holidays meant lazing on the beach; now they're a frantic effort to take as many pictures as possible with as many cameras. Luckily, I have a big bag for all my "toys" and a husband who happily trails behind me carrying that bag in return for numerous coffee stops!

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