The Nurse's Mug Shots

This is my 99th post. It's appropriate right now to be on such a cusp because I have some exciting news — I've been invited to have a solo exhibition next year!

Called Dumb-founded, my show will explore the fate of clothing mannequins after they've expired their fashion used-by dates. What happens when ideals of beauty change and yesterday's plastic people are kicked off the sales floor? Well, they're snapped up by museums and junk shops, which use them in the most quirky ways.

For example, the mannequin in the above shot is part of a medical display at the Boorowa Museum. You just know she's embroiled in a malpractice suit from these eerie mugshots. That's a long way from the catwalk, baby!

The idea for Dumb-founded has been in the works for quite a while — in fact, my first post on this blog was of four manneqins. And there'll be plenty more as I prepare for my show, which will run from 23 April to 10 May 2009 at Photoaccess.


Nerida Gill said...

Congratulations Kathleen, will look forward to checking it out. Where did you get the idea?

Susan S. said...

I'm very excited about your show, Kathleen! I can't wait to see all the images together!