Spicy Gingerbread Men

Christmas is coming ... and the goose isn’t the only thing getting fat!

I’ve had a hankering lately for gingerbread men, so I whipped these little boys up on Monday using a recipe from The result was very pretty and definitely delicious, especially as I multiplied the amount of dried ginger by about six and also added grated fresh ginger — I like my gingerbread spicy!

I must say, though, that this recipe was a bit doughy for my tastes — I prefer crispy biscuits (or cookies, whichever term you prefer). At first, I thought this might have been because I used gluten-free flour and dairy-free margarine, but then I saw other cooks had left similar comments on the website.

Notice I use the word “was” throughout this post? Well, that’s because I’ve only got one cookie left.

Is it naughty to eat gingerbread men for breakfast?

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Kerriann said...

Those look incredibly cute & scrumptious, although also disturbingly helpless...something about the way their little arms & legs are all spreadeagled gives them a kind of pathetic vulnerability...

but I think it's ok to eat them for breakfast.

I think anything can be eaten for breakfast. Whatever you feel like. Cold spaghetti & honey, toast & champagne, last night's pizza, even curry (although I've been chastised for that).

Viva la Breakfast Revolution!