Barbie's Fashion Parade

Barbie had never been to my house before Wednesday.

I got a replica doll one Christmas in the 1970s and desperately tried to like her, mainly because my Nana was the giver. I also had a baby doll, the kind that closed her eyes when I made her lie down. My sister poked those long-lashed peepers in with a swift two-fingered move, just like in a gangster movie! To be honest I wasn’t overly fussed — I just wasn’t into dolls.

So it’s surprising that I’ve been making Barbie clothes this week, for that same sister’s daughter, in fact. I hear my niece Gemma has a “very Barbie” Christmas coming up in general.

Designing and making clothes for this ever-popular doll is amazingly easy — I used nothing more than a few scraps of fabric and yarn, not even a pattern. What’s more, that giant bust, tiny waist and absolutely flat stomach make for clothes that need very little tailoring.

If only real bodies were that simple!

I must say, I did have some help. Thank you to Rachel, my 10-year-old friend, who lent me two Barbie dolls and a box of clothes for inspiration.

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