Christmas Tree with Wings

It's that time of year again ... when I feel guilty for not sending Christmas cards.

Of course, I fully intended to — it's just that life got in the way this December, including our house selling and a dog with a stitched paw.

Anyway, my sister Kerriann tells me Christmas cards are unfashionable these days, mostly because they're environmentally unsound. Come to think of it, I've only received two this year....

Could it be that a 150-year-old tradition is coming to an end? Or am I just unpopular?

Whichever, I had planned to put one of the above pictures on my cards this year. I created them by scanning leaves, vintage Christmas wrapping, a line from Dale Carnegie's How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and a background I painted with acrylics.

At first, I thought what I'd done wasn't super Christmassy ... then I read that early Christmas cards featured spring, rather than religious themes. How neat is that?

So, have a wonderful and refreshing Christmas, and take a minute to remember what this day really celebrates ... how Jesus was born into our world to teach us how to live, so we could enjoy a relationship with God.


Kerriann said...

Wow, two mentions in a row, and neither one doing me any favours. That's right, people, I'm the Christmas card humbug and baby doll vandal!

Your niece opened your Christmas present early and was thrilled with the Barbie clothes. Thought you wouldn't mind given your own notorious early gift opening habit. ;)

Kathleen Fisher said...

Yes, I should mention that you actually are a nice person!

I'm glad Gemma likes the Barbie clothes. I now feel justified in putting the champagne you gave us in the fridge and having a tipple tonight.

I asked at the post office today and Christmas cards are definitely down, although you'd never guess by the queue that went out the door.