Australian Animals in Danger of Being Extinguished

In my last post, I promised something other than mannequins for the new year.

Well, January has been chaotic with visitors and two huge writing deadlines, so it has been a long time coming. I blame this busyness, not to mention a couple of weeks of soaring summer temperatures, for the deranged sense of humour shown here.

C'mon, could you resist photographing a pile of fire extinguishers, a danger sign and three pictures of Australian animals?

I found them at the Handyman's Trading Post, a demolition yard (or, more politely, supplier of second-hand building materials) at 34 Geelong St, Fyshwick.

I'm dedicating this shot to my friend Nerida, who launched the online version of Admin Bandit, an accounting software package for volunteer treasurers, just minutes before midnight on Tuesday. In her sleep-deprived and caffeine-loaded state, she will (hopefully) think it's hilarious!


Nerida Gill said...

Were they really all together like that or did you arrange it! :-)
Either way it is a funny mix in my sleep deprived, heat melting me state. Thanks Kathleen!

Kathleen Fisher said...

Glad it made you laugh. Yes, I found the combination just sitting like this!