Two Tomatoes

I’m addicted to growing my own food — it’s a miracle to see a tiny yellow flower transform into a plump, round tomato. And it takes nothing more than water and sunshine.

These two beauties are from last summer’s crop. I photographed them as much for their smooth, burnished aesthetic as I did to record my own gardening achievement.

For those who like “how-to” details, I simply used my Holga Micro with a close-up filter held over the lens.

And what happened to the tomatoes?

Along with the rest of the crop, I made tomato paste — the home-made kind is so delicious, you’ll want to spread it on toast! My favourite recipe comes from Cuisine de Monde (it says to scrape out the seeds, but I never bother).

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Nerida Gill said...

Now I want to come to your place for toast and home made tomato paste!