I’m back to working on images for my upcoming exhibition, Dumb-founded.

All the material is shot — it’s now a matter of processing negatives, scanning them and doing a few touch-ups in Photoshop.

Sound easy? Absolutely not!

Each shot takes about four hours of work in post-production alone. Still, it’s fun. No … “meditative” is a better word for the process. I can get lost in the concentration of spotting dust marks and hand-colouring to the point that I forget to eat lunch and don’t hear the telephone.

Anyway, isn’t the stillness of this girl eerie? She looks like she’s been prepared for burial to me — her make-up eternally bright and her skin shiny and over-preserved. It’s as if she’s lying in a family tomb, surrounded by the skeletons of other mannequins.

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Susan S. said...

There's something about the light that adds to the spookiness of her. Like in a morgue after hours or something. I love it!