Apple for the Teacher

Sigh ... the delay between posts is because we've just spent three weeks moving house.

Why so long?

Well, we moved next door and kind of stopped packing because it seemed easier just to pass things over the fence as we needed them. Of course, it didn't help that our new place is already fully furnished, not to mention temporary. In fact, we actually did two moves in one, with most of our stuff going into storage while we look for a few acres on which to build a house, plant an orchard and expand our hen house.

Anyway, this lovely lady (the one in the photo, not me!) comes from the Goomalling Museum in Western Australia. The building was once a school, hence the recreated classroom. Note the mannequin's hands ... that's right, she has none — she's an amputee!

Why then is a cane tucked under her wrist? You probably can't see it in this small version, but the cane is resting between the mannequin and the black board, with a white sheet of paper attached.


hanny said...

i love the amputee teacher..
sadly i dont know how will she eat the apple.. T.T

Kathleen Fisher said...

Very true ... you made me laugh so much!