Dear Sister

“I’m the Christmas card humbug and baby doll vandal!” is how my sister Kerriann describes her previous appearances in this blog.

Well, to make amends and ensure I get a present for my birthday next month, here are two gorgeous portraits we took in January last year.

The first one (top) is Kerriann is full fashionista mode, posing under Neil Dawson’s gorgeous sculpture, “Diamonds”, outside the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. Whereas this oozes confidence, the second (bottom) is vulnerable — you’d never guess it was taken in the foyer of Parliament House.

The shots show two strikingly different sides of the same person.

Check out another portrait of Kerriann here.

1 comment:

KERRIANN said...

Wow, I feel so honoured! You've done a beautiful job of portraying a flawed subject. *grins*

And yes, I think you deserve a birthday present this year after all. ;)