Three Zucchinis and a Giant Film Sale

I grew these three sunny babies last summer. There were, in fact, a whole lot more than three — I planted four times the amount of zucchinis (better known as courgettes or squash outside Australia) recommended for a family of two, so there was an awful lot of zucchini slice and zucchini cake to be had in our house!

I took this using my wonderful Holga Micro, which is so versatile for a camera not much bigger than a lipstick (and it certainly won’t smudge in your handbag!).

I must confess that I have an ulterior motive in showing you this image ….

Sakura 110 film (the same film used above) is 50% off at
my online store
Just AU$3.70 per roll, plus postage
That’s below cost!
Sale continues until the film sells out.

So why not stock up on 110 film … grab your Lomo, Holga or vintage camera and get outside in the sunshine!

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