Telephone Booth

Lucknow is a strange name for a tiny town in rural New South Wales. The last piece of luck to notably occur there was almost 160 years ago when two farmers stumbled upon a gold strike. Ironically, no-one knows if this event was the inspiration behind the name — some say it comes from the siege of Lucknow, an Indian city that the British and "rebel" Indians fought over in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. One can hardly describe a six-month battle as lucky!

I fared much better when I visited the Australian version of Lucknow a few years ago. I found this delightful girl hiding in a phone box outside D’Arcy’s Old Wares on the main street. A mix of antiques, collectibles and junk, this store is a dream to browse through. Don’t expect a bargain, though — over the shoulder of the mannequin, you can just make out a price tag of $2,500 for this decrepit old telephone booth.

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