Hang Ups

I've spent the last two days at Photoaccess hanging my Dumb-founded exhibition, with assistance from my sister, Kirralee, who is visiting from Scotland (she's a wonderful slave and also the author of the above portrait!).

Barbie Robinson, the Gallery Program Coordinator at Photoaccess, sees a strong resemblance between myself and the manneqin in my image, "Tea Time".

What do you think — is it a case of art mimicing real life?


Tracy Wallace said...

the prints look amazing on the wall. I will definitely try and make it to the opening tomorrow night :)

Good luck with it.

Kathleen Fisher said...

Thanks Tracy ... Stephen Best is a fantastic printer. I really recommend him when you exhibit (which I'm sure won't be too far away with your beautiful work).

Nerida Gill said...

Spookily alike! Great exhibition Kathleen. Thanks for the invite.