Opening Night

From the top: Tony Stewart, David Bruce and myself (photos courtesy Bob Burne)

I have a theory that I believe applies to any event, ranging from weddings to conferences — all people really remember is the quality of the food and beverages and that's how, in hindsight, they will rate the quality of their experience.

For this reason, I bought great beer and wine, and spent all day yesterday making canapes and cupcakes with my sister, Kirralee, for the opening of my exhibition, Dumb-founded.

Was the effort justified?

Well, I hope so — everything seemed to vaporise within five minutes, even though we over-catered, and people lingered in the gallery for a long time. Those are surely good signs.

Above are some pictures of the speeches: first, Tony Stewart, chair person of the Photoaccess board, who opened the show); second, David Bruce, who is exhibiting in the gallery next to mine, with First Impressions (we shared an opening); and, finally, moi, looking surprising calm.

Thanks to everyone who came along, plus those who emailed me with best wishes or checked out the online version of my show.

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