The Club House Hotel

As a published travel writer, you may be surprised to hear that The Club House Hotel, pictured above, is one of my favourite local tourist attractions.

True, the bathrooms don’t seem to have been cleaned, yet alone redecorated, since 1950, but the hotel offers travelers to Yass, especial those from overseas, an off-the-beaten-track experience of rural Australia.

For example, the billiards room features angling trophies on the walls — in the form of giant stuffed fish heads. Meanwhile, the main bar offers counter meals in a setting that also allows diners to watch the horse and greyhound races, and make bets. Not that you’ll find many people ordering food — a liquid lunch of Victoria Bitter is often the order of the day — which is disappointing as the fish ‘n’ chips with what I call “granny” salad (pasta salad, coleslaw and a third salad of pickled beetroot, chopped Iceberg lettuce, tomato wedges, grated carrot and grated cheese) is not just cheap at $7.50, but rather tasty.

These pictures, of course, feature the hotel's accommodation. While I love taking friends and family to The Club House Hotel for lunch, I'd much rather they rest their weary heads in my spare bedroom!

You can see more of my behind-the-scenes images of The Club House Hotel here.

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