Afternoon Tea

These tea cups started life as an advertisement
for Maxwell Williams fine bone china

And this image came from a recipe
for angel food cake ... mmm

I’ve been experimenting again with citrus-based solvents, the kind used for cleaning up oil and other grimy things.

“Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, of course, doesn’t fit into this category, but the solvent releases the ink from the pages, which I can then blend to painterly effect with a brush and cotton tips.

The time has come to apply this technique to my own photographs but, alas, my lovely printer, Stephen Best of Macquarie Editions, uses archival inks and papers that are just far too superior in quality … the ink simply won’t budge!

I wonder what would happen if I tried colour photocopies….

Click here to see my first experiment with this technique.

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Kirralee said...

Ooh, I love the teacup one! My birthday is not too far away you know...