Vicki Whitelaw: Professional Cyclist

The pay may be poor, but the lifestyle of a professional cyclist seems idyllic, at least judging from all the photos of snow-capped Italian villas my friend Vicki Whitelaw posts on her blog.

Sure, she falls off her bike fairly regularly at the same speed cars go through your average suburban area (and has the scars to prove it), but what are a few scratches and bruised ribs in return for spending six months of the year in Europe?
Seriously, I’m so proud of Vicki, who took up cycling in her late 20s and turned professional within a couple of years. We had great fun shooting some pictures for her website a couple of weeks ago — while I love the power and athleticism in the top two, the last one with Cameo, my darling miniature dachshund, is my favourite.

Vicki and her husband, Dave, are just as enamoured with this cheeky breed as I am … unfortunately, their little dog, Fritz, went to heaven late last year.

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