St Nicholas's Church of England, Armidale

Rain can ruin a photographer's day.

It was pouring for the third day in a row when we pulled up at St Nicholas's Church of England, Armidale, on our recent driving trip to Brisbane. We'd gone out of our way to find this sweet white weatherboard chapel on the rural outskirts of town, so I was determined to take a least one picture.

But how was I going to keep my camera dry?

That's when I thought of my friend Lorna Sim, who has a penchant for photographing through her windscreen ... in any kind of weather.

I love the blurred and dreamy look of shooting through wet glass, but my image was a little blue and drab, so I played with the "screen", "exclusion", "colour burn" and "negative" effects in Photoshop Styles and Layers to add a little punch.

I wonder how the results below would look painted in oils?

A mix of sepia, magenta and black-and-white adds to the
feeling of isolation and brings out the "face" in the church

The colour negative of the image above, partially desaturated

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